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(Or maybe better titled, What’s In Your e-Wallet?)

The crytocurrency investment rage is all over the financial community these days.  If you don’t know what cryptocurrency is, we tell you more about its origins in Bitcoin a few years back.  DO WE HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU!  You can get free Bitcoin for signing up for our new offer today!  And when you sign up, you allow your computer to be used when it is not busy to “mine” Bitcoin, or in other words be a part of the community of computers that actually run the system.  For that use, you continue to get small amounts of bitcoin added to your account.  AND, if you get others to sign up, you get even MORE of the currency.  This new currency is radical and nobody knows for sure its future.  But what is clear is that some of the greatest technology and financial minds of our day are excited and getting behind this new standard for international currency and finance.  GO HERE to find out more!


Right now, take a look at our offer for Fine Wines delivered right to your door!  Are you like me?  Do you walk into a wine store and pick out one of about a half dozen wines you know you like?  The number of labels and grapes, countries, vineyards….it’s all TOO MUCH!  And, you don’t want to waste your money guessing at what you might like!  Let me tell you, the label can lie!

Most of us would pay a little more if we knew we were getting a good wine.  So look at our Fine Wines page and the opportunity there to get wines from over 2000 international boutique wineries, selected by a Master Sommelier and his team.  Tasting notes tell you all about what you are drinking and how to pair it with food! You’ll look like an expert to your friends or maybe a great new date you want to impress.  It’s fun, AND if you sign up three new wine club members, your monthly wine shipment is FREE as long as continue to sponsor three members.

How’s that for amazing!  Don’t like one of the wines the experts chose?  Just contact the Wine Club and they will send you something different at no cost!  Does your local wine store do that?! We LOVE the wines we’ve received and already have identified at least two grapes that are now on our favorites list!

Take a look!  You’ll love it!

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