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Binary Options Trading Signals is the largest, most successful and longest running binary options trading room on the planet.

Today, just about anyone that wants to be successful with binary options and Forex trading makes it a point to buy a membership to Binary Options Trading Signals (BOTS). Regardless of your experience level, you can now join with tons of other amazing members and begin learning from a Master Trader with over 15 years experience in trading the markets. By using our consistent strategies, members aim to take massive profits from the market every single day. They do this by watching our charts which host many of our custom developed indicators and tools.

With thousands of members, we have to be doing something right.  And, we continue to lead the charge every single day in the binary options signal industry with incredible analysis, leading indicators and precise entries and exits. With 15+ years of trading experience and our advanced tools, we like to think we know where the market is going before it happens. Isn’t it time you should too? Join the biggest, best and most amazing community of active traders you will find anywhere.

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  • Batman Testimonial

    Dear Trader,

    No-one asked me to write this letter, it is addressed to anybody and everybody, it is something I feel is right to do and therefore I am writing it (I trust my instinct more and more everyday). I am Batman, you’ll see a lot of me in the trading room, it’s one of my favourite places to be. When I first came to the trading room I had no idea of the journey I was about to embark upon and even had I known I wouldn’t have believed it anyway. Before I joined the trading room with MT, I had tried trading binary options and forex and lost money, not a huge amount of money but then again I didn’t have a huge amount to lose.

    Week One

    I remember clearly my first day in the trading room like I remember my first day at high school. On my first day in the trading room I watched, I was a little suspicious but my suspicions soon disappeared as the chat roll filled with traders posting scores (nearly all them winning). I thought “Great, here I go, I can do that as well”.

    On my second day I put money in my broker account and began to trade following the signals, I lost all my money in about an hour. For the last part of the second day with no more money in my account to trade I had no choice but to watch and LISTEN. Only then was I forced to hear what MT was saying and had been saying the day before DEMO, DEMO, DEMO, DEMO. Against my will (I still thought I knew better and that I was wasting my time), I opened a demo account with a broker and following MT’s instructions traded my demo account; I think i made about 10 trades losing about half of them.

    For the rest of the week, (with a two week subscription I thought I might as well use it), I came back into the trading room, used my demo account and posted my scores, I had begun to abandon what I thought I knew and was beginning to accept that maybe what MT was saying was right. By the end of the week I was winning more than I was losing on my demo account. I was beginning to enjoy the room, I was understanding the terminology that MT was using, I had learnt to use the Lema strategy and it was working.

    Week Two

    On my second week I resisted the urge to put more money in my real account with my broker and followed MT’s advice to carry on trading my Demo, I was getting great scores and couldn’t wait to start making real money. I was ready, on week three I would renew my subscription to the trading room and put money in my real broker account and start making some money finally!

    Week Three

    On Monday of week three I lost half my money in my real broker account!! I couldn’t believe it!! I had followed the strategies, I was desperate to make some money, I didn’t understand what I had done wrong. When I posted my scores MT told me to Demo some more, watch the mindset video and check that I had followed all the rules. This was one of the biggest turning points in my life, it didn’t seem so at the time but it was the single moment when it all changed…..

    On Tuesday of week three I watched the mindset video, I liked it. And, I watched the motivation video that MT puts on before the trading session, I liked it even more. Furthermore, I decided to continue to use my demo account and to rigidly follow MT’s rules of trading and the Hall of Fame strategies and nothing else. By the end of the day I had made 5 real trades and lost 0, I had made all my money back and had listened so carefully to what MT had said. I still remember him saying that it was no good being desperate to make the money.

    From then on I just kept winning and every time I lost it was because I hadn’t followed the rules. These losses were fundamental in convincing myself that I shouldn’t break the rules.

    binary options


    As time has gone on I have become so good at listening to MT that I can win trades just by observing his tone of voice.  Or even just watching his mouse cursor.  I can even break the rules and win now thanks to his advice and guidance. I am never desperate and I always trade with a happy and positive mindset. I enjoy my time in the trading room and ironically the money is no longer the important thing for me. I have become infected with MT’s desire to help people, I have learned to trust my trading instinct which has greatly improved my self esteem and I feel empowered and inspired and now I want to give and help as well.

    Starting with less than $100 in an account I have now made more money than I ever dreamed of. I am a very happy person and I owe a good portion of that happiness to someone whose name I do not know whom I have never actually met so get ready to surprise yourself like I have.

    1. Abandon all your previous ideas and preconceptions totally
    2. Listen to MT, and I mean really LISTEN.
    3. Learn the strategies and follow the rules.
    4. Demo, demo and demo some more. (actually never stop demoing)
    5. Wait before trading any real money, learn to wait.
    6. Believe in yourself or you will never achieve your potential.
    7. Get a great mindset and enjoy your time in the trading room.
    8. Try not to be desperate to win no matter what your situation.
    9. Give a decent portion of your winnings away to charities or people that need it more than you.


  • Elizabeth Testimonial


    Your classroom is amazing! And, I can hardly wait for 9:00 EST!  Your software is the bomb. Also, your teaching makes it easy for even a beginner to understand. Most of all, you have a heart felt concern for every student to become successful, leaving no one behind.

    While I spent years searching….and losing money trading the markets with stocks, options, binary. I’m grateful that you introduced me to forex.

    Furthermore, thanks for your guidance, wisdom and structure that I desperately needed to succeed. Seems like I have to pinch myself often…. I’m winning consistently for the first time. Because now, my dreams are coming true.

    Most of all, with each thought of you ….I send you blessings!

    You Light the Way


  • Jack R., M.D. Testimonial

    Master Trader is amazing!! He is not only highly skilled at guiding all of us with his wisdom, but he has a good heart. Your experience will show you that he is more invested in the success of his students than his own personal gain. It is truly remarkable that such people still exist, who genuinely care about the well being of others in a very deep, authentic way, and MT is certainly one of them!!

    Furthermore, MT is very modest and gives credit where credit is due to a number of others who have also selflessly shared their experience in order to generously help others. I am also very grateful to Lema, Humphrey, Dr. Natalia, Tony Davis and Batman and many others. Furthermore, they deserve acknowledgement for their help in guiding the rest of us in the trading room. They are also amazing individuals and their contributions have been invaluable!!!!

    In addition, another thing that makes MT special, is his philosophical outlook on life. He is well versed in the importance as well as the power of positive psychology.  And, having the right mindset, not only for successful trading, but also for life in general.

    As a result, I give my highest recommendation and my gratitude for the service that MT is providing!!!

    Jack R., M.D.