Drones of All Types Novice and Pro

Personal Drones are all the rage today and are being used for more and more applications.  From photos and camera shots that would otherwise be impossible; to everyday training and sport flying. This is the newest and most exciting technology that is spanning both recreational and business interests!

Recreational drones are the next big thing!  We’ll see drones in SO many areas over the next few years.  Already, they are doing aerial photography, aerial surveys, remote sensor scans, deliveries, surveillance, law enforcement, search and rescue…..Amazing!  These small, mobile and inexpensive devices are accomplishing what helicopters and airplanes had been required to do in the recent past.  Get involved today!  You will find these vehicles fun and useful.  Who knows, you may develop a new and profitable application!

These small helicopter inspired vehicles come equipped with cameras.  Many can be flown by smartphones and their sizes can range anywhere from) palm to basketball sized.  Prices range anywhere from $30 to a couple thousand dollars.

Drone Terminology:  Four propeller drones are often referred to as quadcopters, six propeller as hexacopters, and eight propellers octocopters.

Training Drones:drones

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Good Choice for Drone Training

 UDI U818A Wifi RC Quadcopter Drone for Beginners

Mid Range Drones:

Contixo F5 WiFi FPV Quadcopter Drone w/ HD Camera. Live Video For Aerial Photography, Altitude Hold, Auto Return, Easy to Fly for Expert Pilots & Beginners 

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter with 4K Camera, 3-Axis Gimbal, Extra Battery and Hard-shell Backpack

Top End Drones:

-Each with high-tech cameras – that take incredible HD or even 4k photos or video.  High top end speeds, these new toys and work sensations are getting better and better all the time.

 UPair One Drone with 2.7K HD Camera, 5.8G FPV Monitor Transmit Live Video. 2.4G Remote Controller, GPS Auto Return Function

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

 DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Aircraft, 3-Axis Gimbal. 4K UHD Video Camera, Remote Controller Included. Bundled With Extra Battery, DJI Aluminum Case

Specialty Drones:

 EACHINE E10C Mini Quadcopter With 2.0MP Camera Remote Control Nano Quadcopter Drone RTF Mode 2


Creazy JXD 523W Altitude Hold HD Camera WIFI FPV RC Quadcopter Drone Foldable

Drone Flying Restrictions and Recommendations:

These exciting new flying machines can legally roam the skies. However, recreational flights must stay under 400 ft.  But, no matter what, you should never fly drones near airfields, Government Buildings or especially anything related to the Military.

You will find new uses for your drones every day. Believe me, it is an exciting and growing industry of which to be a part!  For instance, as a real estate agents you can showcase properties from breathtaking perspectives. Today, aerial photographers are capturing fantastic landscapes and they are doing it with simple personal drones. Also, farmers are utilizing 3D mapping to diagnose crop health and maximize yield. And, companies like Google and Amazon are experimenting with drone package delivery. Why not be the next person to come up with an innovative use for drones!

We cannot emphasize enough that it is always important to fly your drone cautiously. Obviously there are a huge number of drones airborne these days. Safety is of the utmost importance to yourself and others. Do not fly directly above people!  It is absolutely necessary to read the drone’s owner’s manual from start to finish before flying. And, remember every drone is different.  You must thoroughly understand it and its specifics in order to fly safely. In conclusion, these exciting machines pose new and unexpected dangers.

A few final Notes!

Remember, the good news is that drones are pretty easy to learn how to fly!  You will absolutely get the hang of it with only a little bit of practice. Also, we recommend starting with a small and relatively inexpensive drone. When learning you are bound to crash a few times and beginner drones like the Contixo F5 are durable enough to survive. This will save you money and future headaches. I am sure you will confidently move on to more advanced drones as your flying skills improve.