Sports have always been around forever. As kids all we did was run, push, pull, swim, jump, and climb.  Into our adult lives we continue to exercise often competing in team sports or against our own performance standard.

Sports teams have the focus of so much of our society.  We follow the teams and their superstars intensely and their success or failures effect our own moods. We cheer for our favorite teams, players and even travel to support them in thrilling competition.  As we locate and find ways to improve and grow in Sports, we will add them here.

And, have you seen the relatively new sport of drone racing?  We’ve never seen this until recently as drone technology became available to the masses.  Flying these amazing devices at high speeds through unbelievable obstacle courses is thrilling to watch and even more fun to do!  We have a great selection of drones for the beginner through the advanced user.  Not only can you enter into this new sporting arena, but these devices can do amazing things we never dreamed up a few years ago.

Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills  How would you like to join the THOUSANDS of other soccer players around the world who are now striking the ball with more power? They are faking out defenders with ease and dribbling with great precision. The are also playing with more amazing soccer skills than they ever thought possible?

Vertical Jump Training: Vert Shock.  Okay, so I know this might sound far-fetched to you, and you’re probably pretty skeptical, but see precisely how Adam Folker as well as Justin Darlington and so many other athletes, have added up to 9 – 15 inches to their vertical jumps – not in months, but within days and weeks.

Expert Goalie Training Program – Are you a Goalie who is looking to take their game to the next level? Are you ready to invest the time, sweat and pain to become more than you are?  Do you need a mentor that can show you ways to make those incremental improvements that dictate the difference between GOOD and GREAT?

If so, join renown expert trainer Maria Mountain to develop those physical attributes your competition can only wish for.  Not many folks have the insight Maria possesses into Goalie Training.

Concealed Carry Brave Response Gun Holster  With the number of holsters already on the market, I had a hard time believing that anyone could come up with anything unique.  But this holster proved me wrong. This month one of our instructors has finally made available to the public the Brave Response Holster.

Drones of All Types Novice and Pro:  If you are looking for a Drone, for yourself or a gift – you need to see the options here.  We have access to the largest selection, with all of the different available features and options.  From cameras, to speed and performance, to incredible add-ons; make your Drone experiences even better!  See All Sizes and Types of Drones Here: