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Window Tinting sounds like a very difficult task right? Whether you are looking to just to tint your own vehicle or thinking it would be nice to make some extra money. In fact, tinting easier than you think. In fact, with Bob Rossignol’s window tinting program you can do both. Take that pride and determination and turn it into fun and Money.

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Listen up. Window tinting is a high-profit business. I cannot promise you will make even 1 penny in this business because I don’t know you and I don’t know how motivated you are. Besides, the FTC says it is a no-no for me to make income claims. If you are motivated enough the sky is the limit. Like anything else, it takes work and dedication.

All I can do is give you an idea of how much materials cost and an estimate of how long it takes to tint most vehicles. This will very from person to person. Not everyone learns at the same pace.

Ultimately, the choice is your to make dreams come true!

So here is a hypothetical example only. The example shows you the profit potential based on a completely made up retail price. So let’s just say. When you’re starting out there’s a learning curve that might take you a couple of days to tint a complete car. It depends on how fast you learn and how much you practice. But an experienced window tinter can tint 2-5 vehicles per day. Don’t take my word for it, though. Call the tint shops in your city and ask them how much they charge for window tinting. Then figure $25-$35 in material costs. In fact, in the beginning, your waste may be higher. Once you’re good the wasting of tint will diminish. Next, you’ll get a good idea of the earning potential.

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